SyncTechno R&D

Research Various Standard Technologies in Global Standardization Organizations and Reflect in our New Products.

Since 2016, SyncTechno has been conducting various research and development under three topics, marine data convergence, public safety, and autonomous driving. As various devices appear on the market, a new technological paradigm has emerged in the public safety area, and communication technology expansion in maritime led to big changes in autonomous surface ship.

In public safety area, we researched and developed solution to overcome language barrier so that Koreans traveling abroad and foreigners traveling domestically can receive disaster warning messages timely. In addition, we researched and proposed a way to deliver customized messages regardless of physical disabilities through mobile devices combined with 5G technology. And we have completed standard technology development to apply in various devices by resolving character restrictions and foreign language support.

In the maritime data convergence area, through standardization organization activities and research, we have developed a plan to support LTE or 5G communication up to 100km from land. In addition to maritime safety and ship traffic management, these results help alleviate the information gap between land and ocean.

In the autonomous driving area, we studied communication technologies among vehicles, road infrastructure and pedestrians. Additionally, we strived to overcome the limitations of sensors such as cameras, Lidar and radar to reflect standardization plan to implement fully autonomous vehicles. In unmanned aerial vehicles area, we have developed and succeeded in commercializing a new technology that can operate multiple drones simultaneously.

SyncTechno is carrying out various activities to expand the research and development ecosystem. We collaborate with domestic academic societies, standards committees, forums to expand research ecosystem. In addition, through industry-academic cooperation with Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, and Gachon University, We are working to expand the research ecosystem through research on cognitive augmentation meta-communication technology and autonomous vehicle communication technology.