International Standardization Activities Lead to Public Safety, Marine Ecosystem Changes and New Industrial Technology.


We're Game Changer.

Taking a New Path in Standardization Research that No One Has Gone Before

SyncTechno is a startup company that leads, researches, and develops technologies and solutions for public safety and maritime domains. We are leading international standardization activities in global standards bodies such as 3GPP, APT, and oneM2M, and domestic standards strategy development activities in the fields of public warning system and maritime autonomous ships.

SyncTechno was founded in 2013 and began to participate in various domestic and international standardization organizations in 2016. Under the corporate philosophy that standardization leads the way to technological development, our motto was to focus on research in mobile communication and IoT, which has the fastest technological development pace. In 2019, a company research labs was established to focus on research, development and commercialization of international standardization technology. Our efforts resulted in selection by the Ministry of Science and ICT as an excellent project in public safety and maritime autonomous surface ship area, as well as commendation from the minister and institution head.

From Idea to Products through R&D

SyncTechno has participated in various domestic and international standardization organizations since 2016. During this period, various domestic issues began to come to mind. Even though many foreigners visited Korea during the Pyeongchang Olympics, disaster warning messages did not provide adequate service to foreigners. As LTE changed to 5G, various IoT device manufacturers and automobile manufacturers began to participate in international standardization organizations centered on telecommunication companies, also the range of mobile communications has expanded from land to sea.

These ideas led to research and development in maritime multiple maritime communication, public safety, and unmanned vehicle ground control system. The results of this research and development became the driving force to launch of products such as communication devices for autonomous ships, UAV ground control system and mission platforms, and IoT compatibility testers.

If you would like to establish a new initiatives for your organization based on the activities of the International Organization for Standardization, please contact SyncTechno.