Standardization activities and consulting in SyncTechno

Open New Markets by Integrating Standardized Technologies in Maritime and Public Safety Domains.

The purpose of international standardization activities is mainly to create and expand markets, secure service competitiveness, create a collaborative ecosystem, develop standard patents, derive research and development directions, and collect technical data. At SyncTechno, developing new markets for IMT mobile communications in maritime and public safety is a top priority. So SyncTechno's international standardization activities and research are focused on market expansion based on maximizing public safety and overcoming regulations since 2016. SyncTechno is actively working as chairman of various standardization organizations, from the top-level organizations across countries to industry and regional organizations.

  • Top-level organization for cooperation among countries around the world: ITU, APT
  • Standardization organization that connects the country and industry: IALA
  • Leading standardization organizations in specific industries: 3GPP, IEEE, GCF, oneM2M
  • National level standardization organizations: TTA, ETSI, atis

Leading 4th Maritime Industrial Revolution by Converging Communication and Maritime

SyncTechno had included maritime in the 3GPP international standard category in 2018. With our effort, various communication standardized technologies have been reflected in the ocean, including vessel identification, communication networks up to 100 km from the coast, inter-ship communication, and maritime disaster warning. SyncTechno conceptualizes ships as a type of communication terminal and presents technical requirements to ensure uninterrupted communication and safety in maritime domain. By conceptualizing ships as a type of communication terminal and presenting technical requirements to ensure uninterrupted communication and safety at sea, SyncTechno created a new business model connecting land and sea and established a bridgehead for Korea to secure technological leadership.

Based on collaboration with domestic maritime organizations, SyncTechno attended a total of 25 meetings, presented a total of 159 contributions, and completed the 3GPP international standard technical specifications in 2018. It was essential to develop 3GPP international standard technology for developing marine-related optimization technology for autonomous ships, smart ports, so SyncTechno's international standardization activities have become the cornerstone of the 5 years project of the integrated autonomous surface ship project led by Korea Register. In particular, SyncTechno has participated in 3GPP and IALA and played a key role in accelerating maritime digitalization by incorporating 5G into maritime. This standard technology development and cooperation between different international standardization organizations led to a commendation from the Korea Minister of Oceans and Fisheries.

5G/5G Advanced applicable to MASS(5G+ Vertical, Mobile Korea 2021)

What will be expected as Marine Comes?(5G Vertical Summit, Mobile Korea 2020)

New Paradigm of 5G-based Disaster Alert through IoT

Along with communication technology development, new verticals began to build new ecosystems and created new use cases. Many verticals such as public safety, railroads, automobiles, medical care, logistics, unmanned aerial vehicles, and broadcasting started to participate in 3GPP international standardization activities. Based on 3GPP activities, SyncTechno has developed an international standard for new public warning service requirements applicable to multimedia devices. And through various international standardization activities, we expanded new paradigm of public safety to the world.

The research results and standardization activities led to researches such as emergency disaster alert improvement on 5G, standard technology for next-generation earthquake disaster alert, and public warning message delivery in IoT devices. It makes us to get many awards such as a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT, a commendation from the Director of the Korea Meteorological Administration, and an innovation award in the AIoT service sector. In particular, through the development of standard technologies to support IoT services in the digital divide market, we contributed to the establishment of national standard KS X 3285. And we are conducting research to apply the IoT environment in developing countries with poor network environment.

Accelerating the Transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution in the 6G Era

3GPP standard technology is gradually evolving from voice and text based 2G and 3G era, through mobile Internet based 4G era, to industry convergence based 5G ear, and now the 6G era that actively considers integration with satellite networks. Many advanced countries are investing in 6G and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to create a next-generation communications and network ecosystem. SyncTechno plans to continue to serve as a bridgehead for the 4th Industrial Revolution to expand the new industrial IoT market based on autonomous driving, mobile communication, and Internet of Things technologies reseraches.