Public Safety Standardization and Modernization Services

Prevent Large Incidents by Taking Emergency Actions at Businesses Unit based on Disaster Notifications.

Customized Notification Service for Specialized Networks and Business Unit

Stakeholders for next-generation earthquake disaster messaging services are expending from traditional telecommunications companies, broadcasters, and local governments to small and medium-sized IoT service providers and 5G specialized network operators. Unlike telecommunication services, which are deployed on a national scale, IoT services are also being deployed as small and medium-sized systems at the local level, such as smart cities and smart factories. Even if they receive the same disaster information, their emergency actions may differ depending on the importance or status of the facility or device.

SyncTechno Customized Notification Service for Specialized Networks and Business Unit design a reference model that can be adopted in small and medium-sized systems and provides implementation services. Experience customized guidelines and use case demonstration for your business unit.

CAP Standardization and Modernization Service

To implement a public warning service, it’s necessary to define the detailed specifications of CAP(Common Alert Protocol) profiles used to effectively communicate disaster information. CAP is an open digital standard protocol for exchanging disaster warning and emergency information, and detailed specifications for selecting or restricting some CAP features based on requirements in a CAP-enabled system are called CAP profiles.

SyncTechno CAP Standardization and Modernization Service is aimed at securing global compatibility and technology neutrality. SyncTechno conducts domestic and international surveys on the current public warning standard technologies, analyzes the operation status of integrated warning systems in each country and suggests the development direction of public warning services with global compatibility and technology neutrality.

Public Warning Multilingual Service

As the proportion of foreigners living in Korea increases, and international travel and business trip picks up again after COVID-19, it becomes more and more important to deliver additional disaster information in native languages during disasters. SyncTechno Public Warning Multilingual Service provides an optimized message delivery method according to the types of multilingual languages available in each country and the connected system. It provides multimedia messages in various languages based on a design that considers a high-speed and low-latency environment. It also adds a pictogram indicating disaster type so that foreigners who receive a disaster text can respond quickly.

Case Study

Korea Meteorological Administration

To protect lives and property from earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic disasters, Korea Meteorological Administration uses a various ways to quickly communicate public safety information. Learn about the next generation of IoT-based earthquake notification services envisioned by Korea Meteorological Administration.