Verifies product conformance to the standard with the world's first and only dedicated oneM2M Release 2 tester.

Unified data management
with single registration

User-Friendly Interface

Automated aggregation and documentation
of test results

The only way to achieve oneM2M Release 2 within GCF's certification for IoT products

oneM2M is a global de facto standard that is being adopted in various smart city projects around the world. The GCF(Global Certification Forum) is an independent certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3GPP standards. And TTA is the world’s first oneM2M certification body and testing lab through GCF certification. SyncTechno CertMate for oneM2M Release 2 is the world's first and only oneM2M tester used by the TTA for oneM2M certification.

Companies that have developed oneM2M products apply for certification test in TTA and receive the results by CertMate. Based on the report automatically generated by CertMate, the company can apply to the GCF for certification.

Manage the entire test lifecycle including product registration test execution, and report generation.

Test product lifecycle management

Manage product information based on oneM2M standard specifications and apply different test profile specifications depending on whether the test product is a server or a device.

User-friendly test environment configuration

For tester’s convenience , a visualized configuration menu is provided. Easily select various test cases from standardized test properties.

Test Execution

Provides a structured menu to make it easy to select test items. You can test the selected items as a batch job or run them individually.

Analyzing test results

Provides visualized test logs based on MSC(Message Sequence Chart). You can check detailed test log, message flow and test component reactions graphically.

Test result report

Test results are immediately aggregated into statistics. You can create a test report at the end of the test or in the middle of the test. The test report is generated as a PDF file and can also be downloaded. You can use this report to request GCF certification.

Case Study

Certified oneM2M Tester

TTA enhances the market competitiveness of excellent products through ICT test certification. TTA’s certified oneM2M tester uses CertMate as its core engine. Using CertMate, TTA tests IoT products to ensure they meet the oneM2M standards on behalf of oneM2M certification body GCF, then grants IoT standards conformance certification mark.

Data Core Tester
for Smart City Open Data Hub

Smart city open data hub architecture and core technology development is a national strategic project organized by the Korea Electronics Technology Institute since 2020. Smart city data hub tester, which validates whether test object complies with technical specification, uses CertMate as their core engine.

IoT Platform
Profile Validation Simulator

KEPRI's e-IoT platform is a device to collects, analyzes, and processes data from IoT sensors which installed on various power facilities, including transformers. CertMate is being used as core engine to efficiently certify tests when adding e-IoT services.

SyncTechno CertMate provides an Integrated Certification Test Environment that manages test lifecycle including registration, test execution and result report. It is the only GCF-accredited tester in the world to supports oneM2M Release 2 certification, and the convenience and excellence of the test environment have been guaranteed through various adoption cases such as the KEPRI and KETI. If you need to deploy standards conformance test management environment, please contact us right now.