Provides an integrated IoT platform specialized in disaster prevention

Prioritized actions

Notification of incoming device alerts

Set device alarm response behavior

Expand a circular alert target to a polygonal shape

Connect disaster messaging to the IoT devices for emergency action

Until now, disaster messages have mostly been delivered to users' cell phones. This is a one-way delivery method, and the most important disaster response relies on manual action by users. But as the IoT landscape evolves, it’s more and more important for devices to respond immediately just after receiving disaster information.

SyncTechno DX-Safety product family consists of gateway, platform, and devices dedicated to IoT services specialized in disaster prevention. Many government agencies that issue disaster texts, such as the MOIS(Ministry of Interior and Safety) and KMA(Korea Meteorological Administration), use standardized messaging format named CAP(Common Alerting Protocols) in the event of a crisis or natural disaster. SyncTechno DX-Safety product family receives various types of disaster texts from government agencies, converts to common IoT message format in IoT service area, and delivers to each device via the IoT platform.

DX-Safety Family

Convert disaster message for IoT

SyncTechno DX-Safety Gateway receives disaster message from various government agencies, including the KMA notification system, and converts to a new format that oneM2M IoT platform can understand. Based on the target IoT service requirement, the essential message will be selected from the full attributes of the Common Alarm Protocol message.

The converted message is delivered to each device via the DX-Safety Platform, a commercialized oneM2M IoT platform. It delivers new, updated and cancelled alerts from government agencies and performs system diagnostics and connectivity testing.

Control device based on disaster message

SyncTechno DX-Safety Platform is deployed in the cloud and provides core functions for IoT services, such as device management and application integration. When the DX-Safety Gateway receives an alert, it delivers the message to each device.

It supports all oneM2M common services such as data management, security and access management, device management, subscriptions and notifications, location services, and data interoperability. It authorizes requests served by the DX-Safety Gateway and manages the queue based on priority. It also applies MQTT to alert notifications for assured message delivery in mobile environment.

Automatic actions in disaster

SyncTechno DX-Safety Auto Devices are various IoT devices implemented using the oneM2M protocol. It works with DX-Safety Platform to report sensing information or respond to control requests. When an alert message is received while MQTT subscription is set up, it determines whether an emergency action should be taken based on notification type.

OneM2M-enabled devices work out of the box and devices using other IoT standards work with the oneM2M IPE(Integration Proxy Entity). Existing automation systems are also easy to be connected.

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