Marine Data Convergence Service

Improve Maritime Safety and Maximize the Efficiency of Transportation based on Data Collected from Ships.

Maritime Date Marketplace

SyncTechno is building a data marketplace for open data market services that support data sharing and trading in the maritime industry. We are working to activate data-centered smart maritime services through the participation of various stakeholders in the maritime domain. SyncTechno is working to activate data-driven smart maritime services through the participation of various stakeholders in the maritime industry.

Ships are constantly generating information through a variety of sensors and communication devices. Crew members aboard ships also generate key information about their safety through wearable healthcare devices. Insurers investigating accident histories, shipbuilders building vessels, and each country’s Meteorological Administrations are also important ecosystems for maritime data exchange. The raw data collected here is analyzed and reprocessed through the hub system and then transformed into advanced and insightful data. Data can be used to optimize routes for autonomous surface ships, provide safety services to ensure crew health, develop maritime-specific insurance products, improve ship hulls, and forecast maritime weather.

Communications data collected from operating ships creates new business opportunities. SyncTechno provides a data-driven maritime convergence service to maximizes the stability of ship operations. It provides a navigation route to minimize communication data interruption and an optimized way to handle failures in normal and exceptional situations. This information is used as big data for maritime autonomous surface ship and processed into customized data in various ecosystems.