IoT Platform Implementation Service

Develop and Demonstrate Various Reference Models to Take Immediate and Automated Action on IoT Devices.

IoT-based Disaster Prevention Service

SyncTechno IoT Disaster Prevention Service protects lives and critical assets by taking quick action before people are aware of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and extreme weather events. By receiving various CAP(Common Alerting Protocols) issued by Korea Meteorological Administration, it can take immediate action at business unit, regional and institutional level.

When a certain level of earthquake occurs in a specific region, messages sent to that area can be received immediately. It allows units such as homes and smart factories in that area to take actions such as evacuation orders, lockdowns, and drone patrols without waiting for human intervention. SyncTechno has an extensive understanding of disaster messaging based on our experience designing messages for government organizations. This allows us to proactively identify and take further action even if the risk of a disaster declaration for a critical facility or key asset is low. This allows to proactively identify critical facilities or key assets that are at low risk of being declared a disaster and take further action.

Patrol Data AI Learning Model Service

SyncTechno AI Learning Model Service reflects location information, photos, and video data acquired by robots and drones during patrol into AI learning models. It identifies objects in photos or videos based on pre-modeled AI learning data. It chooses from pre-developed AI learning models to implement a various applications, including facilities management to detect analog instrument gauges, fire surveillance to recognize flames, and intrusion detection to detect changes in the surrounding environment.

IoT Device Management Service

SyncTechno IoT Device Management Service provides an integrated monitoring system that identifies the normal operation of IoT devices through visualized tools. It presents methodology and technical approaches for IoT platform status inquiry, access management and security, connected device management and data inquiry, realtime resource inquiry and management, over-the-air firmware update, installation process automation, and device control via messenger. Access rights management and data discovery provide alerts and actions when anomalies are detected.

IoT Device Development Management Service

SyncTechno IoT Device Development Management Service provides integrated management for entire IoT development environment. Through the resource browser, it can check the detailed data delivery process and verify the standard conformance of various IoT-based devices. It is applicable not only to public institutions that require authorized conformity device testing, but also to organizations that need to manage multiple devices per unit or department.